Thursday, August 15, 2013

Obamacare Savings

Do you remember when President Obama promised that the "average premium under Obamacare would drop by $2,500"? And Conservatives hooted and hollered, and called the President a liar. Remember? Well here's a chart Jonathan Cohn at the New Republic put together based on a new Kaiser study:

$2,672 savings for a family of four, buying in the individual market, at the silver plan level, based on the average subsidies across the entire individual market. Looking at what the savings level is across only those entitled to subsidies, the number is 77%. But on average, families in the individual market will save $2,672.

The study summary does not show how this compares to what they have been paying before, other than to say that the overall average premium prices will be somewhat elevated from prior numbers. Still think the President's $2,500 promise will be pretty close.

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