Thursday, October 17, 2013

Is It Possible?


Is a Grand Bargain possible now? Andrew Sullivan thinks so, though most do not. It will take some time to see how the political balances have changed due to the GOP's utter face plant and humiliation. Sullivan calls on the President to "Go Big" - to make a call for reconciliation and coming together, where he indicates a willingness to trade entitlement reform for new tax revenues from closing loopholes. Issue the invitation through a national public address. At the same time, make it crystal clear there will be no entitlement reform without new revenues, perhaps admonishing the GOP to listen to his words this time, so no one gets confused.

Challenge the GOP to explain why, if they are truly interested in the long term control of our deficits and debt levels, they would turn down this offer. No Democratic President has ever offered to negotiate over entitlements. Why wouldn't the GOP accept this offer, allowing both sides to work together to put the country on a solid long term financial footing?

I will not be surprised if Obama does this. Most of what he would give is already in his 2014 budget. He will still be killed on the hard Left, who call this The Great Betrayal - but he knows this, and is willing to take the hits from Liberals.

Boehner has once again allowed the House to vote on a measure a majority of his caucus rejected - one that was attacked by Heritage Action, and other Right-side pressure groups. Would he do it again for a Grand Bargain, so he and Obama will be remembered like Tip O'Neill and Ronald Reagan?

He might. Not yet probable. But possible.

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