Friday, October 4, 2013

Not a Clue

This man has no clue! Here's from Robert Costa at NRO this afternoon:

It hasn’t been announced, and you won’t hear about it today, but the final volley of the fiscal impasse, at least for House Republicans, is already being brokered. And according to my top sources — both members and senior aides — it won’t end with a clean CR, or with a sprawling, 2011-style budget agreement. It’ll end with an offer — a relatively modest mid-October offer that concurrently connects a debt-limit extension, government funding, and a small, but strategically designed menu of conservative demands.

Boehner simply does not recognize that the President is not bargaining, or making a preliminary offer, when he says he won't negotiate the debt ceiling raise. Obama, and fellow Democrats believe hostage-taking, particularly in regards to the debt ceiling, must end. The GOP cannot even see this position - not one conservative columnist I've read has even considered the idea that Obama is taking a stand on principle, from which he will not waver.

They don't understand our President. They literally cannot see him. They have no idea what he is about. And therefore they will almost always be wrong about what he will do.

There is no way this ends well for Republicans.

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