Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Orpheus in Greenwich Village
By Jack Gilbert

What if Orpheus,
confident in the hard-
found mastery,
should go down into Hell?
Out of the clean light down?
And then, surrounded
by the closing beasts
and readying his lyre,
should notice, suddenly,
they had no ears?

I think abut Republicans a lot. I have concluded that our current legislative lot are much like the beasts Orpheus discovered in Hell - they have no ears for his, or anyone else's music. And they are bloody dangerous with their thrashing about.

Our only choice is to throw them completely out. November, 2014 is the time.

I am angry today. The GOP's relentless hammering of Secretary Sebelius is the cause. I know politics is a blood sport, but real warriors have clear value codes, such as Honor Your Adversary. The GOP has completely forgotten all of this.

Next November. Payback.

I will try to rediscover my "clear and quiet eyes" perspective tomorrow.

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  1. Sorry the Republican frauds made you angry, though I can see why. Looking forward to your "clear and quiet eyes" being refocused soon. I like the colours and the calm of your space. TY