Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Blessed are the Peacemakers

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What does it take to make Peace? The People's View comes as close to nailing it as I have seen in the MSM or the blogosphere, in a post titled "The President of Peace". To quote:

The media will never acknowledge it, but President Obama's spine of steel and his actions of resolve are what have led us to this point. The world met an American president for the first time in some time that wasn't interested in conflict for conflict's sake, but someone who also couldn't be pushed around. He ended the war in Iraq, and now in Afghanistan, but he has not hesitated to take targeted action to deliver devastating blows to terrorist groups. Barack Obama was prepared to use a military strike in Syria, but he never gave up the option to resolve the situation peacefully, if he had willing partners.

This is what peace requires. It requires a commitment to fair play, and an iron strong guarantee of consequences for fouls, born out by facts. It requires an American president thirsty for peace, but undaunted to deliver consequences to anyone who takes him for a fool. It requires a president committed to security with targeted actions rather than all-out conflict. It requires neither a warmonger nor a peacenik. It requires the president of peace.

Is this what Jesus meant? Is a peacemaker someone who is willing to fight, but doesn't need to? Someone seeking peace, but not so attached to it that obvious fouls are overlooked? Someone willing to wage war, if needed, but not attached to that either - someone with no interior need to prove his or her macho? Seeking peace but somehow not attached to either peace or war? Someone who hopes for the best and is unsurprised when the worst happens? Someone who sees and hears and gets the adversary completely, so that even the adversary notices that he/she has been seen and understood?

Jesus also said, "Be gentle as a dove and shrewd as a serpent." Stand in the very center of the paradox. Be the paradox. Embody both the willing warrior and the compassionate seeker of peace. This is what I believe Jesus meant. This is who Obama is - a peacemaker, or, per The People's View, "The President of Peace".

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