Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Right on the Money


This guy is right on the money!  Like yesterday's "President of Peace", today's "The Conservative Movement's Death Wish" at The People's View just nails it. Listen:

At this point, it's as if conservatives can't help themselves. The fact that Obama has run rings around them in spite of their vigorous efforts has led to a psychotic break. Republicans fight Democrats with vile assertions. Republicans knife each other in purity contests. A strong, intelligent, black Democratic president who knows exactly what they're up to, and times his attacks for maximum effect, has put them flat on their backs. They're used to Democrats and liberals who are defensive. They're used to the triangulations of a Bill Clinton. Barack Obama's strength has sent them into a fugue state from which, as yet, they haven't been able to awaken.

The public doesn't see it this way, at least not yet. (False) equivalence rules the day with the MSM. Will the picture come clear by next November? Maybe yes; maybe no. I'm really not sure. But by 2016, it will be crystal clear, and the Republican wipeout will be epic. I hate to think that we may need to wait until 2017 to pass Immigration Reform; but that is entirely possible.

Spandan at The People's View gets who Obama is. Not many on the Liberal side fully do. They think he's a pure triangulator, like Clinton. He's not. When he includes, even absorbs the GOP position, as he has on deficit reduction, this is not a cave. It's a patient, long game strategy, where (like aikido) you absorb all your opponents energy, until they have nothing left, and the field is yours. Look how completely Obama has won the field on budget battles. He can't get his way (needs a Dem House); but now the GOP is defanged, without their normal battle cry.

The GOP remains completely unable to see this man. And because they can't, they will lose. Possibly in 2014. Certainly in 2016.

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