Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Large Gender Gap

(from Gerald Seib at The Wall Street Journal)

Gerald Seib put these numbers up in his column this morning at the WSJ. He dug into the cross tabs from the most recent WSJ/NBC poll. True, this is just a one shot/one moment in time look, but the differences between the men and women is remarkable.

Much better marks for Obama among women. Pro-gun control. Pro-minimum wage increase. Eager for Dems to retake control of the House. More supportive of the ACA. Angry at Republicans for the shutdown. Wow! 

What might move men in a positive direction?
  • Strong enrollment for Obamacare by March 31 - 5 million private insurance and 6-8 million Medicaid (Likely)
  • GOP hostage-taking on the coming debt ceiling raise (Unlikely)
  • Immigration reform (Possible, but not yet likely)
  • Accelerating growth in GDP and employment (Likely)
  • An agreement with Iran (Possible, but not yet likely)
It's possible they all could happen. If so, the GOP will lose the House.

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