Friday, December 13, 2013

Making Progress


I'll stick with my December 2 forecast:

  • Private - 5.0 million
  • Medicaid - 7.5 million
Can't wait until April, when we will know these numbers. We'll also have a better feel for the numbers of folks who feel they ended up losers. For example, if 5.0 million policies get cancelled, how many of that number, at the end of the day, feel they were, in some way, ripped off? I'm guessing only 20%, still a lot of people, but way less than 12.5 million.

Also want to know how many under 35s' will have signed up for private insurance, and whether folks are saying the pool appears balanced. I'm pretty confident it will be.

By April, millions upon millions of Americans will know Obamacare is here to stay! The Right won't acknowledge it. But the next job for Progressives will not be to bad mouth the Right; rather it will be the important job of making the big case for the cost curve being bent, and how this solidifies the country's fiscal sustainability.

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